Making the Best of Our Woodlands

Think global, act local.

Rawnsley Woodland Products has a vision for the future. Healthy woodlands providing the things we all need: houses, fuel, furniture, even food. By using and working local wood we can encourage the culture of trees and forestry and the life and diversity they support.

Please explore this site, We are adding to it all the time and hope that you will find the information here you need to help you make the right choice.

The species grown as forestry trees in this country have some wonderful qualities of character, durability and strength. Year on year the woodland cover of Britain is increasing. the old saying "A wood that pays, stays" remains true.

By using locally grown wood not only do you encourage sustainable forestry here in the UK with all its benefits to bio-diversity, You are also supporting livelihoods in the countryside bringing our many now unworked woods back into management .

Let's stop raiding the old growth rain forests of the world and start looking after our own forests. The project was implemented in cooperation

For Global Good use Local Wood....!

News flash

RWP will be Central Cornwall stockist for wood fuel pellets from early 2008 and will be in production of Fuel Pellets and Briquettes by mid year. Call now to find out more.


Wood pellets for fuel

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