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Specialists in home grown timber cladding and shingles

Fuel Pellets and Briquettes

Established in 1996 by Tino Rawnsley, RWP uses environmentally appropriate methods to work local woodlands, and has now developed into a multifaceted enterprise, able to offer a wide range of products and services.

We believe that our business can be a beneficial participant in the life of the forest and countryside. This can be achieved by active engagement in all the processes involved. From woodland design and establishment through maintenance, management and harvesting to the manufacture of a diverse spectrum of products and outputs these range from local hard and softwoods Kiln seasoned in our innovative Solar wood drying kiln To furniture and specialist craft items to flooring, buildings and structures,  even charcoal, fuel wood and woodchip and non timber forest products such as gourmet mushrooms !.

RWP is now producing a range of architectural materials ideally suited to the ‘new wave’ of sustainable and ‘eco’ building.

Western Red Cedar (WRC), available from local plantation woodland is a lightweight, fragrant, stable and highly durable wood for wall cladding and roofs.

RWP can offer a range of sawn and planed cladding profiles and sawn shingles from this wood. These products are also fully FSC certified.

From early 2008 we will be able to offer wood fuel pellets for home heating and will be in production of these and briquettes by midyear.

RWP aims to make quality local timber and wood products available and thereby encourage the use and productive future of our most vital renewable resource and the biodiversity it supports.

Environmental statement

 RWP Has been designed from the start to be an ‘environmental business’

Finding ways to work with nature and engage dynamically with woodland and trees  to provide livelihood for all members of the biotic community including ourselves working towards healthy and actively managed multipurpose forestry

We are actively working to minimize and ultimately stop our use of fossil fuels and fossil derived chemicals

We aim to promote the use, culture and beneficial stewardship of woodland and forest in this country and work towards self-sufficiency in timber and forest products.


Tree replacement

For every square metre of our cladding or cubic foot of sawn timber we produce RWP commits to plant a tree.
This means on an average we will be planting about 20 trees for every tree we use or to look at it another way 100 trees for every house we clad or about 600 to a 1000 trees ( a decent little wood ) for each house built of timber we supply.

Working with local tree planting company Wildwood Trees who plant new mostly native species woodlands in the SW, each tree we supply will be planted in a woodland that will be properly maintained to maturity.
By doing this RWP Aims to replace the trees felled for the products we make, to help ‘offset’ and absorb some of the atmospheric carbon emitted through the production and transport of our products, to establish new woodlands that can supply useful products and rich habitats and also to establish a precedent amongst similar and associated businesses who could work in a direct way to replace trees used and re-establish woodland and forests for the future ,


RWP makes Biodiesel from waste vegetable oil collected from local restaurants. We use this carbon neutral fuel in our vehicles and in some of the production machinery it burns cleanly with very low emissions and is entirely biodegradable. All by-products of its production are either composted or mixed with our other by-product, sawdust, and used as fuel for heating.

Unfortunately  we cannot currently offer these products for resale due to government restrictions on scale of production and storage.   

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