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Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) is lightweight softwood of the cypress family, normally imported from northwestern America and Canada it is renowned for its natural durability. (See ‘durability info’) It is grown in Britain as a plantation crop where it grows fast and is of appropriate size for harvesting after about 50 years, it is faster grown and more prone to knots than the American old growth rainforest variety.

Fresh cut and weathered Western Red Cedar

A rich warm reddish apricot colour when new, British grown WRC is a dimensionally stable wood that mellows to a pewter grey after about one year of exposure to the elements and looks well alongside many other natural materials such as stone or lime render.

We offer a range of British grown FSC certified Western Red Cedar Products. With its light weight and good insulating properties WRC offers a warm, attractive, long lasting and environmentally sound material, suitable for exterior and interior wall and ceiling cladding and roofing shingles.

In addition to WRC, we can offer other home grown hard and softwoods such as Oak, Beech, Ash, Sweet Chestnut, larch and Douglas Fir.

Also now available Local FSC Sequoia (Redwood)

Rich Pink in colour when new Sequoia is also renowned for its durability and stability it machines well and takes a good finish.

How to Order

Please Contact us directly, preferably by email, tell us about your project, we can help you choose the right product for the job. we will email you a current price list .

Our cladding and shingles are sold by the square metre of coverage taking into account any overlap, other timbers are sold by the linear mtr or by the cubic foot.

Remember to allow at least an additional 10% for wastage on all products , dont forget shingles are double layer along eaves and if your building has a 'hipped' roof to allow for cutting the singles into the angle and enough to make up 'ridge' shingles.

For Orders up to £3000.00 in value we request payment when we have collated your order and it is ready to deliver. For Orders above £3000.00 value we request 50% deposit upon ordering with the balance due upon completion of the order. Please pay by cheque or by BACS. sorry we dont do cards yet.

If you are ordering Hardwoods or want somthing special come and see what we have. Its your project you need to make the choice.

If in doubt please talk to us, we can help.

Transport and delivery

If you live locally, please collect, our opening times are 8.00am to 5.00pm monday to friday.

If you can't collect, we can somtimes deliver within a 50 mile radius of our yard, a charge of £1.00 per mile will be made to pay for time and biodiesel used.

All other deliveries are made by a local carrier who charges by the pallet, our cladding is packed on long pallets and depending on quantity counts as 3 x 1/2 or 3 x full pallet spaces, pallet charges vary depending where you are in the country, Shingles are packed on single pallets we can pack 16 x 'bundles' to a pallet.

Talk to us and we can get a price.




RWP Western Red Cedar cladding is available in a range of different varieties and profiles suitable for exterior and interior applications. Please click on the little diagram to get a larger image with dimensions.

Traditional Feather edge sawn finish in 150mm or 200mm widths
Suitable for a traditional or ‘rustic’ feel this board is an economical and attractive option for a ‘rain screen’ type cladding.


Rebated Feather edge Sawnfinish in 150mm and 200mm widths
This very popular board Looks very much the same as the traditional feather edge but slightly thicker in material, the rebate adds more weather security and is faster to put up as only the lower board needs alignment and subsequent boards drop in on their rebate.


Traditional Shiplap planed Finish in 150mm and 200mm widths
Our next most popular board, with it’s ‘shadow line’ shiplap cladding gives a crisp appearance and is a weather secure rebated profile suitable for any exterior application.


‘Jubilee profile’ Shiplap planed Finish. 150mm x 20mm
Developed specially for RWP by Bill Dunster Architects this profile offers a weatherproof board with a clean finish





Soft edge shiplap profile Planed Finish 150mm and 200mm widths x 20mm Similar to the traditional shiplap but with a rounded or ‘softened’ scallop which some feel allows better water run off.






Open Joint Profile planed or sawn finish 150mm or 185mm widths
Intended as a ‘Vented rain screen’ Open joint is not a ‘weather skin’ but offers a timber screen over a suitable weather resistant sub strata.



V, T&G profile Planed finish 150mm widths
Available in interior and exterior grades this profile is the most weather proof and is suitable for vertical as well as horizontal applications. It can work as cladding, panelling, or soffit.


T&G profile match board widths various to 150mm x thickness 15mm
This board is intended as an interior panelling for wall and ceiling application





Square edge Sawn or planed finish widths up to 200mm
In addition to the above sawn or profiled cladding boards we can offer square edge planed or sawn finish boards for a number of applications. Soffits, bargeboards, gables and reveals.




Here RWP Cornish grown Western Red Cedar sawn Shingles used on the newly restored WWF building in Ziest Netherlands

Shingles 450 x 150 or 200 x 12mm tapering to 3mm
Our shingles are made from selected FSC certified British grown, Western Red Cedar heartwood. Slightly thicker than their American counterparts these shingles make a uniquely attractive, environmentally sound, lightweight, and thermally insulating roof and exterior wall cladding.

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