Eolis - A new concept in sectional building

Eolis is a lightweight and energy efficient sectional building that can answer a wide range of needs in many situations.

EOLIS comes in a variety of different modules, which are fully lined, insulated and capable of rapid assembly. Its ‘bow-form’ ribs make it strong, lightweight and uniquely adaptable.

EOLIS is a light, airy, highly energy-efficient space which, because of its portable nature, with little or no need for foundations, minimises planning constraints.

All materials, including the lining and insulation, are local and renewable, and the timber is fully FSC certified.

EOLIS is offered as a flexible package that can be adapted to suit budget and application, with many possibilities for customisation.

Each building comprises of numbers of pairs of ‘bow form’ panels or ‘shells’ that are affixed to matching floor joist sections or ‘sub floors’ and to each other. A front and rear ‘elevation’, pre assembled from three sections each, are then added and an outer ‘deck’ makes up the basic structure.

For more information visit our Eolis website.

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