In most businesses waste of one sort or another is produced. Our aim is to make a zero waste business.

Whether it is barbecue charcoal or firewood from thinnings during woodland maintenance or chips and planer shavings for animal bedding we work to use these as valuable resources.

Charcoal & Hotlogs

Each year we produce a quantity of high quality Charcoal from underwood thinnings using traditional methods. This product is available locally and carries the made in Cornwall logo.

Hotlogs are a unique portable campfire/brazier ...

Click here to visit the Hotlogs website to find out more...


During winter we can offer to supply firewood and kindling suitable for wood burning stoves from forest thinnings and sawmill offcuts.

Chippings, Mulch and Bedding

During the production of cladding and shingles we produce a large quantity of good quality softwood wood chippings suitable for a wide range of uses. From equestrian arenas, animal bedding to paths and garden features.

High quality, low dust, Western Red Cedar planer shavings are available and are suitable for horse bedding and poultry litter. Western Red Cedar is reputed to discourage poultry mites.

Sawdust - Agriculture

Coarse quality sawdust makes fine livestock bedding and by being mixed with nitrogen rich manaure will readilly compost for return to the soil.

Sawdust - Culinary

Various hardwood sawdusts offering different flavours can be supplied for food smoking.

Gourmet Fungi

Fungi are integral to all woodlands helping to break down woody matter to assist the recirculation of nutrients back into the woodland system. We have been working on establishing gourmet fungi in woodlands that we manage as well as having some success in cultivating them by innoculating hardwood logs. We hope to develop this cultivation further - watch this space.

Shitake Mushrooms

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