Local Hardwoods & Softwoods

Dry Hardwoods

RWP processes local hardwoods with the aim of making them available to builders, joiners and furniture makers. We carry a range of native species such as Oak, Ash, Beech, sycamore and sweet chestnut and quite often have smaller quantities of less well known woods. A variety of sizes are available.

All these Woods are kiln dried in our unique and innovative Solar wood drying kiln which reduces the moisture content to between 8 to 12 % depending on species, making them stable for interior use.

The RWP Solar wood drying kiln

Building Timbers

In addition to dry Hardwoods and Western Red Cedar cladding and shingles we can offer custom cut building timbers, joists, beams rafters and planking in other locally grown Hard and Softwoods including Douglas Fir, Larch, Oak and Sweet Chestnut.

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